Hope For Memphis Fund (HFMF)

Mission Statement

The Hope for Memphis Fund’s mission is to fund efforts to create more sustainable and more effective Christian ministries and leaders who are seeking City transformation.

The Fund makes grants or loans from the surplus and earnings of Hope and from donations made to the Fund by others. As a result our continued growth and financial strength, all surplus funds earned from operations and fees from new donor advised funds are added to our Hope for Memphis Fund.  Grants or loans will only be awarded based on the available balances in the Hope for Memphis fund at the time of consideration.

Geographical Focus

The geographical focus of the Hope for Memphis Fund grants is the Memphis Metro area. Organizations seeking funding located outside of this area will not be eligible for a Hope for Memphis Fund grant.

Types of Funding

Our primary emphasis of funding is to support development efforts to create more sustainable and effective ministries and leaders. Such efforts would include the following:

  • Leadership training and development and leadership mentoring
  • Long term business planning and strategic planning
  • Development of ‘Best Management’ practices
  • Board development
  • Donor communication and development
  • Creation of ‘Case Study’ reports on highly successful ministries
  • Development of benchmarks or measures of effectiveness
  • Staff additions to improve effectiveness or sustainability, such as development staff, will be considered

Grants for capital campaigns and endowments will not be considered.  Routine operations will generally not be funded, but special situations may be considered.

Churches, secular private schools, and Christian private schools whose student population are not primarily underserved will not be eligible for grants.

Nature of Recipient

The HFMF desires to make grants to Christ-centered, non-profit organizations where spreading, teaching, or living the Gospel is core to the mission.  The vast majority of grants will be made to organizations or initiatives based in Memphis metropolitan area focused on under-served, under-resourced populations.  Grant request will not be considered from churches, secular private schools or Christian private schools whose student population are not primarily underserved.  Capital campaigns are excluded, while routine operations will generally not be  funded, but special situations may be considered.

Type of Grants

  • Direct grants
  • Start-up (or innovation) grants

Grant Amounts

Grant requests should generally range between $10,000 and $50,000. A maximum of two grants totaling $100,000 may be awarded to a single organization or initiative over a four-year period.  Grants made where the payment of the grant is contingent on some occurrence (such as hiring an individual) will have a one-year time limit.  Grants are typically made in two installments with an interim report due after six months in order to receive the second installment.  The HFMF can make multi-year grants.  For multi-year grants, the grant will be reviewed each year based on performance and availability of funds.  The HFMF will not commit more funds in any year than are available in the HFMF at the time of consideration.

Grant Procedures

Step 1: Grant requests will be submitted by email using the uniform grant submission template which includes the following information:

  • Description of Organization/Ministry & Mission Statement
  • Summary of services provided to under-served populations
  • Summary of faith-based and Gospel-furthering activities
  • A clear and concise description of the request including the existing limitation on the ministry due to some constraint
  • Intended measurable outcomes from the project or program including how the request will remove and diminish the constraint
  • Most recent audited financials and operating budget
  • List of board members and proof of 501(c3) status
    Website address and complete contact information for organization leadership

Step 2: The foundation staff will administer a pre-screening process to ensure that the grant submission meets grant criteria. The pre-screening process may include a meeting or site visit. If a grant request does not pass the pre-screening process, the foundation staff will notify the organization contact.

Step 3: For grant submissions that pass the pre-screening process, the foundation staff will prepare a written narrative addressing key criteria and organizational factors. The narrative would address key issues such as faith-based and Gospel-furthering status, urban/inner city focus, leadership strength, sustainability of operating model, effectiveness, importance of HFMF dollars and past grant experiences. Staff would present findings to the HFMF committee.

Step 4: A subcommittee of the Hope for Memphis Fund committee will evaluate the grant request and may conduct a site visit as part of its due diligence process. After the evaluation process is complete, the HFMF Committee will make a recommendation to the HCCF Board. All grant requests must be approved by the Board of Hope Christian Community Foundation.

Step 5: The foundation staff maintains a grant request log to track information about grant requests, HFMF committee recommendations and Board decisions.

Step 6: Grant recipients are required to submit a 1-page, post-grant report using the grant submission template.



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