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Non-Profit Organization Funds

These funds are entrusted to us by agencies to provide support for operations, a specific project, or are endowments, which provide a permanent source of income for the organizations. The funds are invested by the Hope Foundation in a variety of alternatives according the agency’s goals and objectives and are available for use by the agency as needed.

Non-Profit Organization Designated Fund Agreement
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Cash Management Program

This is an investment pool of bank certificates of deposit (FDIC insured) and the highest quality notes (usually obligations of U.S. Government Agencies) with less than one year maturity. Generally, it will allow a ministry to earn higher rates on their cash funds than they would on their own. The pool provides necessary liquidity, eliminates oversight concerns and is cost effective. Current and historical returns for the cash management program can be viewed by clicking on the link directly above this paragraph.

Hope for Memphis Fund

The Hope for Memphis Fund was established to invest strategically in Christian organizations seeking City transformation: spiritually, academically, economically, and relationally. The Fund makes grants or loans from the surplus and earnings of the Hope Foundation and from donations made to the Fund by others. As a result of our continued growth and financial strength, all surplus funds earned from operations and fees from new donor advised funds are added to the Hope For Memphis Fund.

Links to Local Christian Ministries

The following are links to Memphis area Christian non-profits or ministries grouped by areas of focus.  Names are continually being added to this list, please check back frequently for updates.  If you would like to have your organization listed, please contact us.


Pregnancy Counseling + Adoption

Camps + Retreat Centers



Economic Development

Financial Management/Literacy


Health Care


Junenile Offenders & Prison




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